Tips For Training Large Dog Breeds

I've owned large dogs for over fifteen years, and one thing I've learned is new owners of large breed dogs don't realise how much exercise and training they need to stay stimulated and healthy. I started this blog to share my personal experience of training large dog breeds, including great danes and mastiffs, and my blog posts detail tips I've gathered over the years from fellow owners and enthusiasts of large dog breeds. I also post about new dog training products I've tried and accept guest posts on any related topics. I hope you find the information on my blog interesting and useful.

Have You Packed Your Dog's Bag? Treats From Home Your Buddy Needs While Boarding


There is nothing worse than an accusing stare from your canine best buddy when they realise you're packing your suitcases to go somewhere without them! Since you are a first-time dog owner, you haven't experienced this look yet, but you can guarantee it's coming when you head out of town on your upcoming work trip. The good news is you already have a boarding kennel booked to take care of your furbaby, but your next actions will make or break the success of their stay. There are several items you need to gather now, so your dog doesn't stress at their temporary home away from home.

Food and treats

You haven't had your dog long, but already there is a set routine for food and treats your dog expects. Rapidly changing dog food upsets the digestive system of your pet, and the last thing your poor puppy needs is diarrhoea while in an unfamiliar environment.

To ensure your dog is fed the same food they receive at home, portion out each day's meals and treats into disposable plastic lunch bags. You must mark the day and time of day the contents of each bag gets given to your pet, so the kennel has no doubt what your expectations are. This bagging system ensures your pet gets a food regime which continues their at-home experience.

Favourite belongings

Your dog won't be spending all of their time in a kennel, but for the time they are in there, they need familiarity to help reduce the stress levels (and boredom). Whether it is a chew toy, or a tug of war rope, having several of these toys in the kennel with your dog gives them the reminder of home they need. As a reminder, if one of your dog's favourite toys is a Kong you smear with peanut butter, then make sure you provide a jar of their favourite treat to the boarding kennel.

Additionally, pack up their favourite blanket or night-time bedding. These items contain the scent of both you and your pet. A change in smells to something foreign, which is what a boarding kennel is, is frightening to your puppy. Familiar scents are just as comforting to your dog as they are to you when you're not at home.

Finally, start making a list of your dog's habits which can help the boarding kennel staff to bond with your pet. A particular type of ear scratch or belly rub is the icing on the cake when you want your pet to have a positive boarding experience.


22 August 2017