3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Calm Before a Vet Appointment


Being unwell is a traumatic time for a pet. They cannot be reasoned with like humans can, and they are far more perceptive to body language and their owner's reaction to bad news than you might appreciate. In fact, many pets are able to sense that they are due a trip to the vet on the morning on the appointment, and you might even have trouble tracking them down as they attempt to hide out of view to avoid their appointment.

2 April 2018

Have You Packed Your Dog's Bag? Treats From Home Your Buddy Needs While Boarding


There is nothing worse than an accusing stare from your canine best buddy when they realise you're packing your suitcases to go somewhere without them! Since you are a first-time dog owner, you haven't experienced this look yet, but you can guarantee it's coming when you head out of town on your upcoming work trip. The good news is you already have a boarding kennel booked to take care of your furbaby, but your next actions will make or break the success of their stay.

22 August 2017