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4 Great Reasons to Board Your Cat When You Move House

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Moving house can be stressful for you, but it can be even more unnerving for your cat. After all, it's their territory that you're moving them away from, and cats do like their territory. While the move itself is something they are just going to have to accept, the moving process can make the change harder to cope with.

If you're set to move, you can make the process easier on your kitty by boarding them for one or two days while the move is taking place. Here are just four reasons why doing so might be for the best.

1. No Underfoot Felines

'In the way' is usually a cat's favourite place to be. If you're reading this on your laptop, they're probably trying to jump into your lap or walk across the keyboard to get your attention. This desire to be around you and the feline propensity to zip from one area to the next can become dangerous when you and the movers need to be carrying around boxes. You might trip and fall, or you might drop the expensive item you're carrying. You might even injure your cat in the process.

2. Reduced Stress for Your Kitty

'Hey, who are all these strange people in my territory?'

'Who is this unknown hew-mon picking up my bed and taking it away?'


These are all questions your cat is likely to ask themselves during a move. Creatures of routine who like to keep their territory a certain way, cats can be really stressed out by the myriad changes involved in moving house. If you want to save them that stress, try boarding them through the transition.

3. Time to Pack and Unpack

Cats also get a little stressed out when their owners can no longer pay attention to them, and it can be a little heart-breaking to have to avoid spending time with your pet in order to pack up. Nevertheless, now is the time when you need to keep your eyes on the prize and ensure everything is packed properly and taken care of. Having the cat out of the way lets you concentrate on the important jobs at hand, and they'll enjoy their fair share of fuss at the boarding facility.

4. Reduced Risk of Injury or Loss

Finally, you have to consider that cats are going to be more likely to get injured while everything is being moved around. They could snuggle into some nook to feel safe and then get trapped or squashed when something is stacked on top, or they could slither into a box and get lost. Since movers will be in and out of the house all day, it's also tougher to make sure your cat doesn't make a break for it, and they might become lost outside if they are used to being an indoor kitty.

Look into cat boarding options in your area well before the move so you can ensure your cat will be safe and comfortable.


14 December 2016